Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc.

Landfill Gas Utilization
cedar-road-1.jpgThis Biogas Utilization facility has been operational since 2009 at 1105 Cedar Road Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc. (CRB) is a clean energy company that excels in processing biogas and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through different utilization processes we transform biogas into fuel, electricity and thermal energy for sale. The integrated approach is achieved by clustering and cascading hardware and processes. Every new element or layer expands the value proposition to local economic growth with organic waste as the feed, this model is sustainable.

Phase One - $3.8 million – Capital Cost
Our Nanaimo facility has completed the first phase, the utilization process which cost effectively producers 1.3 MW of electricity for sale to BC Hydro under a Standing Offer Program with a twenty year (20) contract at a cost of $3.8 million. Our facility also has a twenty (20) year operating license with the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). The CRB facility has a Collaborative Development and Demonstration Center (CDDC) used to demonstrate different utilization processes that can cost effectively be introduce into small/medium size biogas utilization facilities.

Phase Two - $3 million – Capital Cost
CRB is introduced biogas cleaning, compression and storage for a low carbon transportation fuel station. Partnering with a leading BC manufacture and exporter of Natural Gas fuel compression and storage equipment we will demonstrate a pre-commercial modular biogas platform in BC and North America that will service the needs of the emerging biogas fueling sector.

In conjunction with this fuel utilization element we are introducing thermal heat recovery from two streams; genset exhaust and coolant loops. Our existing energy efficiently is 37%. This advancement in process development may result in increasing overall efficiency of our electrical utilization by 12% to 15%. This is achieved through additional electrical output while reducing parasitic operating loads. Revenue streams from thermal energy use in waste reprocessing, building comfort energy and district energy is adding to utilization value propositions.

Phase Three - $12 to $15 million – Capital Cost
The Cedar Road Biogas facility is adjacent to 80 acres which is zoned and planned for a light industrial sub-division. We have been working with the local developer and other stakeholders including the City of Nanaimo on an eco-industrial park. A key driver of this park will be the district energy loop that will provide energy from the Cedar Road Bioenergy utilization facility into new commercial buildings located in the park. It is anticipated that we will attract companies that process different waste into green products along with other uses that are energy intensive manufacturing processes. The district energy loop will act as an underground utility corridor providing distributed sustainable energy at a cost advantage to business that locates in this industrial park. Direct capital investment in the park when it is completely build out will be above 50 million dollars.