Suncurrent Group

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Remaining private allows us to focus on structuring projects in the $5 to $20 million range and targeting distribution energy opportunities under 10 megawatts. We have gained expertise and a knowledge base in clean energy that grants us a unique understanding of our operating sectors and how to fit them together to achieve strong operating results.

Our bases from British Columbia in Canada and the State of Yucatan in the Caribbean Basin encourage regulatory change and capacity building leadership to empower local communities to innovate and create clean energy solutions. The shift to clean energy in the Yucatan is underway advancing the cost advantage with conventional fuels in an increasing number of areas. Jurisdiction that embraces this change will provide early community economic benefit and innovation that will sustain service, manufacturing and academic growth.

Economic and environmental necessity will continue to change consumer thinking and the direction we take to secure our energy futures. Suncurrent remains committed to playing an active role in this field while pursuing partnerships with like-minded people engaged in creating sustainable solutions.